Boat Restoration - Classic Runabouts

Classic Runabout

Over the years, a small number of exceptionally well designed fiberglass motor boats have been made available to the boating public. Often it takes years for these particularly good boats to become fully appreciated. Generally, a combination of superior hull design, timeless good looks, and above average power and luxury combine to create a true "classic runabout."

We at Casey Yachts have developed a keen appreciation for good classic fiberglass runabouts.

Among the boats we are familiar with are:

Our combined 60 plus years of fiberglass boat building and repair experience ensure your restoration will be professional quality at a fair price.

Lyman Classic Runabout

Our modern composite foam glass technology allows for stiffer, lighter and stronger stringer replacements. All bottoms are carefully trued to remove any planning surface distortions and ensure optimal high speed performance. Hard racing epoxy finishes are used below the waterline.

Fine yacht quality, Awlgrip paint finishes are used on the topsides and decks. We also provide complete mechanical upgrades and upholstery renewal as required.

Trust in our commitment to quality workmanship and devotion to detail -- you'll be able to have pride as your freshly restored classic runabout draws admiring glances as she sparkles and performs in better than new condition.

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