Painting and Finishings - Awlgrip

A recent Awlgrip project featuring a white to blue color fusion on a J 125

The marine environment is harsh on even the most durable finishes. Keep your vessel looking its finest with custom paint and finishing services that restore lost luster and make a powerful impression.

Awlgrip is the worldwide leader in the manufacture of technically advanced urethane, epoxy, high solids and antifouling coatings products for a wide variety of applications. Beginning 25 years ago with the introduction of Awlgrip, the unchallenged leader in urethane topcoats, Awlgrip products have been the premium coatings choice in the marine, aerospace and industrial markets. Awlgrip is just one in a full line of coatings products that, when used together as a complete system, provide chemically cured finishes resistant to abrasion, chalking, corrosion and chemical attack. No substitutes will do! Only a complete, high quality Awlgrip coatings system will provide these unique characteristics.

We have been applying Awlgrip since 1993 and our experience ensure that your new hull or topside finish will be applied to delivery lasting value, year in and year out.

Awlgrip J 125

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